Starbucks Menu Prices UK 2022

Starbucks Menu Prices UK 2022

Starbucks Menu UK – Prices The Starbucks franchise was introduced to the UK in 1998, with its first location in the UK.

After quickly growing throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, about 1,000 locations in the United Kingdom, making it one of the largest coffee franchises in the UK.

You can find the Starbucks United Kingdom located in older, well-known buildings on virtually all street corners.

Unlike its original locations in the USA, Starbucks UK is recognised more for its tea.

Starbucks UK locations are also favourite conference spaces for meetings.

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Let’s check out Starbucks menu with prices UK 2022 below.



Vanilla Spice Latte Tall £3.25
Vanilla Spice Latte Venti £3.75
Skinny Vanilla Spice Latte Grande £3.55
Caffe Latte Tall £2.25
Caffe Latte Venti £2.85
Cappuccino Grande £2.60
Caffe Americano Tall £1.95
Caffe Americano Venti £2.45
Carmel Macchiato Grande £3.30
Flat White Short £2.50
Espresso Doppio £1.90
Vanilla Spice Latte Grande £3.55
Skinny Vanilla Spice Latte Tall £3.25
Skinny Vanilla Spice Latte Venti £3.75
Caffe Latte Grande £2.60
Cappuccino Tall £2.25
Cappuccino Venti £2.85
Caffe Americano Grande £2.25
Carmel Macchiato Tall £3.00
Carmel Macchiato Venti £3.60
Espresso Solo £1.50


Caffe Mocha Tall £2.65
Caffe Mocha Venti £3.25
White Caffe Mocha Grande £3.30
Salted Caramel Mocha Grande £3.30
Caffe Mocha Grande £2.95
White Caffe Mocha Tall £3.00
Salted Caramel Mocha Tall £3.00
Salted Caramel Mocha Venti £3.60

Hot Chocolate

Classic Tall £2.50
Classic Venti £3.00
Vanilla Spice Grande £3.20
Salted Caramel Tall £2.90
Salted Caramel Venti £3.40
Kid’s Hot Chocolate Short £1.95
Classic Grande £2.80
Vanilla Spice Tall £2.90
Vanilla Spice Venti £3.40
Salted Caramel Grande £3.20
Signature Tall £2.65

Filter Coffee And Tea

Fresh Filter Coffee Tall £1.55
Fresh Filter Coffee Venti £1.95
Full Leaf Teas Grande £1.80
Chai Tea Latte Tall £2.75
Chai Tea Latte Venti £3.25
Fresh Filter Coffee Grande £1.75
Full Leaf Teas Tall £1.70
Full Leaf Teas Venti £2.00
Chai Tea Latte Grande £3.00

Frappuccino – Coffee Blend

Caramel Tall £3.20
Caramel Venti £3.70
Mocha Grande £3.45
Coffee Tall £2.75
Coffee Venti £3.50
Espresso Grande £3.25
Caramel Grande £3.45
Mocha Tall £3.20
Mocha Venti £3.70
Coffee Grande £2.95
Espresso Tall £2.95
Espresso Venti £3.50

Frappuccino – Cream Blend

Strawberries and Cream Tall £3.20
Strawberries and Cream Venti £3.70
Caramel Cream Grande £3.45
Chocolate Cream Tall £3.20
Chocolate Cream Venti £3.70
Vanille Cream Grande £3.45
Strawberries and Cream Grande £3.45
Caramel Cream Tall £3.20
Caramel Cream Venti £3.70
Chocolate Cream Grande £3.45
Vanille Cream Tall £3.20
Vanille Cream Venti £3.70

Frappuccino – Juice Blend

Mango Passion Fruit Tall £2.95
Mango Passion Fruit Venti £3.50
Raspberry Blackcurrant Grande £3.25
Mango Passion Fruit Grande £3.25
Raspberry Blackcurrant Tall £2.95
Raspberry Blackcurrant Venti £3.50

Starbucks Reserves

Malawi Peaberry Tall
Zambia Peaberry Tall
Brazil Fazenda Tall
Brazil rio Verde Tall
Kon Parry Estate Tall
Malawi Peaberry Grande
Zambia Peaberry Grande
Brazil Fazenda Grande
Brazil rio Verde Grande
Kon Parry Estate Grande

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